• About Us

  • Our Vision

    To be the professional association of choice for the most powerful, influential and supportive women in the commercial real estate industry.

    Our Goals

    • Have an active and engaged membership
    • Distinguish CREW Silicon Valley as a powerful and influential commercial real estate organization
    • Enhance organizational effectiveness through financial stability and efficient operational and governance structures
    • Be a visionary and responsive organization that provides benefits of value to its members
    • Support and promote community involvement

    CREW Silicon Valley is a Chapter of CREW Network, an association of over 10,000 members in more than 70 markets across the globe..

    The organization presents monthly programs featuring dynamic speakers on leading edge subjects, and hosts a variety of networking events throughout the year.

    The networking functions, which range from museum to winery tours, golf tournaments to members-only dining adventures, are designed to accommodate our members' diverse interests and busy schedules.

    As an ongoing commitment, CREW Silicon Valley also engages in charitable contributions and other philanthropic activities to provide for those in need, and demonstrate our support for the local community.

  • CLC_logo   CREW SV is a proud partner in CREW Network's Chapter Leadership Circle.
  • President's Message

    Welcome to 2017! I am honored to be your 2017 Chapter president!

    CREW SV has been a huge factor in my success in commercial real estate in the Silicon Valley. When I started working here in 2008 I did not know anyone and had no business contacts at all! The first thing I did was check into joining CREW; I’d been aware of this organization for a number of years, however there were not as many chapters as today, the closest ones were each 70 miles away. Today we have over 10,000 members, which includes Canada and the UK, whose sole purpose is dedicated to advancing the success of its members by providing opportunities that foster productive and supportive relationships and enhance personal and professional growth, how amazing is that!

    What makes being involved with CREW so important?

    Each opportunity I have had since I became involved in CREW, I can track back to being an active member of this chapter. From the networking events, both locally and nationally, and joining committees, I was able to meet leaders, find business opportunities and grow both professionally and personally!

    It does not take a lot of time to be involved, it may be as simple as being on a phone call once a month. We all have something to share! Volunteering on a committee is such a great way to meet and work with small groups of people, building relationships and gaining trust. As we start the year I’m excited to be continuing the work of our past presidents in generating greater ties with CREW Network, and continuing to reinvest in our members! We’re in a strong position to offer our members the opportunity to participate in national events and we encourage each of you to talk to one of us about our experiences and the relationships we’ve developed!

    We’re also utilizing the ties with our media partners to highlight individual members, their advancements, deals done, service in the community and awards received. Getting recognized is a great business builder!

    I encourage each and every one of you to get involved in some way! The adage you get out what put in is very true!

    ~Anna Mcquillan Rose, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Vice President, Transwestern