At CREW Silicon Valley, we’re proud to celebrate the standout achievements and leadership exhibited by our members. Each year we give out at least four awards: Rising Star, Outstanding Individual, Community Hero, and Entrepreneurial Spirit. Awards are presented in the fall. Watch for nomination announcements in the summer.

Annual Awards

  • Rising Star: Awarded to a member who is early in their career, who shows commitment to and involvement with CREW Silicon Valley and the CRE industry, is influential and dynamic, and shows promise as a future leader.
  • Outstanding Individual: Awarded to a member that has helped CREW Silicon Valley take it to the next level in membership, in the industry, etc., whose actions illustrate everything that CREW Silicon Valley represents, and who has shown long-term service/commitment to CREW Silicon Valley.
  • Community Hero: Awarded to a member who has gone above and beyond – in ways large or small -- to support their community during the COVID-19 and wildfire crises. For example, this person may have delivered groceries, supported first responders, sewn masks, raised funds for disaster relief, or simply keep neighbors’ spirits up.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Awarded to a member who provides services, develops products, or improves practices by innovatively organizing, developing, or deploying available resources, either within their own company or the CRE industry, who has achieved a unique career success or milestone in the past 24 months, and/or who is of often a risk-taker and is willing to step outside the box to create something new or different.

Past Winners

  • Rising Star: Jennifer VanderArend (2020), Alyssa Chalklin (2019), Kristi Pearce-Percy (2018), Ellen Knobeloch (2017), Vanna Truong (2016), Cara Douglas (2015), Alex Sofranac (2014), Kimberly Taylor (2013)
  • Outstanding Individual: Kristi Pearce-Piercy (2020), Sethena Leiker (2019), Valerie Roeszler (2018), Valerie Roeszler (2017), Monique Davis (2016), Nancy Brandt (2015), Sarah Edwards (2014), Todd Pearson (2013)
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Leigh Knight (2020), Kristi Pearce-Percy (2019), Sethena Leiker (2018), Tom Anthony (2017), Tracey Enfantino (2016), Jennifer Anderson (2015), Claudia Folzman (2014)
  • Community Hero: Michelle Goudeaux (2020), American Asphalt (2020)
  • Member Recognition Award: Laura Hulberg (2020)
  • Membership Ambassador: Vitina Mandella (2018)
  • Outstanding Leadership: Dale Green (2013)
  • CREW SV Spirit: Dale Green (2017)