DEI Initiative

CREW SV DEI Task Force:
Part of the CREW Bay Area DEI Initiative 

CREW Network’s mission has always been to promote and empower women in commercial real estate. In recent years, CREW Network has recognized that to truly advance all women globally, we must embrace diversity as a core principle. Only then can we achieve real parity in opportunity, influence, power and compensation within the global commercial real estate industry (and within our own organization). This recognition led to the creation of CREW Network’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force in 2019.

CREW Silicon Valley stands as an active participant in this initiative while providing tools and resources to meet our unique needs as the chapter grows and matures, and as the membership composition evolves. In 2020, we came together with our sister chapters in the Bay Area – Silicon Valley, East Bay and San Francisco – as part of the unified CREW Bay Area DEI Initiative.

Our goals include providing our Bay Area chapter members insightful webinars, valuable content, and educational DEI training. Through this work, we hope to build a more diverse chapter that is welcoming to all. We can be a positive force of good while improving and evolving the paths of leadership for the next generation of CREW members. Join us! Reach out to learn more about getting involved. 

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Additional Resources

CREW Network DEI Task Force
2020 CREW Network Benchmark Study: Gender and Diversity in Commercial Real Estate
DEI Toolkit, Playbook, & Resources (must be logged into CREW as a member to access)

Past and Current CREW DEI Facilitators
Amanda Shaffer
Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson


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