President's Message

December 16, 2019
Dear CREW Silicon Valley Members,
I hope as the year draws to an end and you look back on the positive things that affected your life in 2019, CREW Silicon Valley stands out in your mind.  It certainly has played a huge role in mine and I will be forever grateful and thankful for the relationships and knowledge I have gained from this experience as your 2019 President.  
Our theme this year was “Beyond the Comfort Zone…Breaking Barriers”.  Our initiatives were to 1) Change up Programs 2) Expand our Membership and 3) Reinforce the Brand of CREW Silicon Valley.  While there is always room for improvement, I can honestly say that we did a great job on all fronts.  Nathan Donato-Weinstein and the Programs Committee brought in fabulous speakers, introduced new and exciting topics, and great venues as well.  Sethena Leiker and the Membership Committee exceeded expectations for new members while doing a fabulous job with retaining members as well!  In the last 6 months not one person has asked me if CREW is a rowing club!!  In fact, CoreNet and IFMA will be partnering with us to bring greater presence to our organizations and even better networking opportunities to each of our members.  Lauren Mader and our Communications Committee are putting CREW on the map through continued social media presence while highlighting our members with The View’s publications. 
All in all, the year was a success and there is much more to come in 2020 when Kristi Pearce-Percy will take over as President.  I’ve seen a glimpse of her plans and without spoiling things I will tell you that there will be a lot more networking opportunities and exciting things to come. 
None of this would be possible without or valued sponsors who have not only provided sponsorship dollars but many of them give a great deal of their time and energy as well.  Thank you to our Platinum Sponsors:  Alliance Roofing, City National Bank, One Work Place, Universal Site Services, and Washington Holdings and to our Gold Sponsors: All Seasons Roofing & Waterproofing, American Asphalt, Arborwell, BellaVista, HGA, Iron Construction, Pahl & McCay, and Perfection Services
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your CREW SV President this year.  The experience and friendships that I have gained are absolutely priceless!
Happy Holidays,
Jennifer Anderson
CREW SV President (for a few more days)