Three good reasons to join a committee!

February 4, 2021

We’re looking for a few good CREW members to join our committees and assist in fulfilling our mission of advancing women in commercial real estate. Many of our committees are currently welcoming new members to roll up their sleeves, put their unique skills to use, and help with key tasks. Committee responsibilities vary, but they typically meet monthly for an hour, via Zoom or conference call.  Feel free to reach out to a committee and inquire on current needs or sitting in on an upcoming meeting. 

Why join a committee? 

  1. Maximize Leadership Opportunities: Being on a committee allows you to develop and hone leadership skills, gain visibility in our community, and move up within the CREW chapter organization. Responsibilities may include budgeting, industry and member outreach, managing contracts, planning communications, and more. 
  2. Improve Your CREW: Our best ideas come from you, our members -- whether it’s a great idea for a new initiative, program, or partnership. Committees provide a way to turn concepts into reality. Being active on a committee is a great way to contribute and make a difference. 
  3. Make new connections: Our committees are where members share insights, tips, and grow their networks in a more intimate setting. 


The Programs Committee is responsible for identifying topics and speakers to create high-quality events; marketing the events; and (under current conditions) conducting them using Zoom. During COVID19, the committee is continuously looking for creative ways to engage members and guests online. Although we are currently virtual, during “normal” times the committee also finds venues for lunches and evening parties, selects menus, oversees check-in and name badges, and manages contracts with service providers. Tech-savvy volunteers are currently needed to assist with running events on Zoom. For information, please email Michelle Goudeaux


The Communications Committee keeps members and guests updated on all things CREW. The committee highlights spearheads email communication for the chapter; develops content for the website; publishes a monthly newsletter; coordinates our relationships with the media; manages CREW SV social media accounts; and looks for ways to highlight the achievements of members. For information, please email Mary Carter


The Membership Committee leads member recruitment and retention efforts. This includes welcoming/onboarding new members, encouraging renewals, managing the process of new applications through approval, and advocating to enhance member value and engagement. For information, please email Leigh Zils


The role of the Sponsorship Committee is to secure sponsorship dollars to meet and exceed the chapter's financial goals and to support CREW Network and CREW Network Foundation initiatives. The Sponsorship Committee meets regularly to establish an overall sponsorship goal for the year and to identify any areas where outreach might be needed. The Sponsorship Committee also hosts an annual sponsor appreciation event and a sponsor outreach event. For more information, please reach out to Dee Armstrong.


The UCREW committee is all about community outreach. The committee collaborates with local universities to build awareness among young women of careers in real estate. In addition, the committee supports CREW Silicon Valley’s philanthropic opportunities and oversees the annual holiday event, which raises funds for our chapter’s local scholarship fund. The committee is the liaison to CREW Network's scholarship program and aids in the process of evaluating and awarding annual scholarships. For information, please reach out to Sabine Zimmerhansl

Rising Leaders 

Rising Leaders leads the chapter’s mentorship program. The Mentorship Program is a community for mentors and mentees to create long-lasting relationships in a safe and challenging environment focused on professional development, leadership training and social engagements. The program runs for eight months beginning in January and ending in August. Rising Leaders also produces events to assist with career development for early-stage industry professionals. For more information, please reach out to Alyssa Chaulklin