2023 President's Message

February 1, 2023
Written by: Michelle L. Goudeaux

I would like to first thank our immediate Past President Sarah Mancuso for her leadership and friendship; we had an amazing 2022.

As we begin a new year, I have thought a lot about the message from our 2023 CREW Network President, Alyssa Dangler, and her focus on "boldly, getting back to our business” and how it is so appropriate for our chapter.  The past few years have been challenging, but we made it, and not only did we make it, we emerged more robust and better equipped to continue our mission of advancing women in commercial real estate.  Many of us learned things about ourselves through these past years experiences which we would not have learned otherwise.  We are resilient, risk-takers, way-makers, and courageous. We will continue to show that the chair at the table belongs to us!

Although this year may be filled with challenges and disappointments, we must find the good in each experience and recognize the successes, both large & small.  I encourage each of you to take advantage of your CREW Network when engaging in new business opportunities, joining and participating in a committee, and expanding your comfort zones by building relationships with people who don't look like you. Remember that it is our responsibility to send the ladder back down to those after us.  Our industry offers women the opportunity for economic empowerment and career advancement,  but it is up to us to continue the work and smash through that glass ceiling together.  So… just ask Beyonce, “Who Runs the World?”

As we STOMP into 2023, I welcome our Board of Directors & Chapter Leaders:

Past President - Sarah Mancuso Sarah.Mancuso@am.jll.com
President Elect - Leigh Zils leighz@oneworkplace.com
Membership - John Franco John.Franco@swinerton.com
Sponsorship - Amy Nieva anieva@oneworkplace.com
Communications - Adriana Michel Adriana@tmcfinancing.com
Treasurer - Winny Wong wwong@bpm.com
Rising Leaders - Maryjane Archuleta- maryarchuletaa17@gmail.com
Secretary - Vitina Mandella vmandella@bkf.com
UCREW - Quan Che - quan.che@herbank.com;
Programs - Laura Kreuger - lauralkreuger@gmail.com

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Jennifer Vanderarend jvanderarend@elementse.com
Chapter Champion - Linda Miller linda.miller@mlmi.com

Michelle Goudeaux Headshot 
Michelle L. Goudeaux
2023 Silicon Valley Chapter President